Thursday, May 10, 2007


Got to Hvar around 3:15 pm yesterday. The landlord du jure met me at the dock, and I ended up in a huge 3 person room becuase that's what they had cleaned and the other people weren't going to make it!

Hvar is a very cute little town, very chilled out vibe. I walked around just soaking it up. There's a fort on the top of a hill, so I walked up there to get a little exercise.

I went to dinner at Konoba Menego - traditional Dalmatian food. Oh my god was it good. The wine was homemade and absolutely wonderful. I had a Dalmatian platter of prsut (like prosciutto), a sausage (like salami), olives, sheep cheese cured in olive oil, and smoked cheese. It was AWESOME. I thought I died and went to food heaven!!! I spent 2+ hours there, reading and nibbling away.

Back at the hotel, I had a glass of brandy and wrote in my diary. The landlady, Ivana, came out and found out I speak German, so she told me all about a saint's festival today. There are all kinds of homemade food tables in the square, and a procession which sounded beautiful but is unfortunately after I leave.

The food tables are out already, though, so I'm off to buy some....!


CrustyBill said...

Excellent. The people so far sound awesome, and so does the food... although I have yet to meet a goat cheese I liked.

Many Americans in the region? Many language problems at all?

CrustyBill said...

Where Cheryl nibbled at: